At Pain Physicians NY (Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx NYC) our specialists offer advanced groundbreaking treatment for back pain including spine injections, nerve blocks, PRP, stem cell therapy for back pain among latest cutting edge procedures. Our back pain treatment facility equipped with the most advanced equipment available in the USA.
Pain Physicians are internationally recognized as one of the best back pain management specialists and doctors in Brooklyn, NYC.
Back Pain
At some point in life, people have problems with their back. It is well known that lumbar pain is one of the most common symptoms for which people go to a back pain doctor and require medical help. Pain in the back is the leading cause of disability worldwide. It affects people of both genders, all races, and ages. However, young people are most affected.
Some people are at a higher risk of having back pain, regardless of the underlying cause. Risk factors for back pain include:
Being overweight,
Being over the age of 30 or 40,
Bad posture,
Lifting heavy things,
Improper lifting,
Having a job that requires lifting heavy things, twisting or bending over constantly,
Having a job that requires spending a lot of hours in the office, seated at the desk in front of the computer,
Lack of exercise, etc.
As the human back is a complex structure, in many cases it is hard to determine the real cause of back issues. Pain can even radiate from other parts of the body into the back.

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