Shoulder pain comes in many forms. You can have right shoulder blade pain, left shoulder pain, neck pain with spreading shoulder discomfort or general pain around your shoulders that limits your mobility. The experienced doctors at Manhattan pain management, the best pain and injury doctors in New York, diagnose and provide appropriate shoulder pain treatment based on your specific need. Left untreated, sharp pain in the shoulder can lead to chronic conditions that can change your life. Call now for an appointment.

Shoulder pain can be insidious. Because the shoulder is made up of so many moving parts, all of which work in concert to allow you full range of motion, there are many ways to damage the area and end up with shoulder blade pain. And then there’s the issue of correctly diagnosing the source of your pain and coming up with the best treatment for shoulder pain specific to that source. The resolution isn’t always cut-and-dried because your discomfort may vary significantly from one moment to the next.

When it comes to neck and shoulder ache, you should rely on the best pain management doctors in Manhattan at pain management clinic in New York. They use the most advanced diagnostic equipment and rapid, accurate laboratory testing to confirm what’s causing your pain. The top pain specialists in NYC focus on delivering the latest in pain treatment options and a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation.

Your Shoulder and Shoulder Pain
Pain in the shoulder can come from too much activity, not enough movement, repetitive motions, underlying medical conditions or accidents. Shoulder pain usually begins in the bones, ligaments, muscles or supporting tissue that make up your shoulder.

The four bones in your shoulder are:
Clavicle, also called the collarbone
Humerus, the upper bone in your arms
Scapula, or shoulder blade
Acromion, a small bone on top of the joint, where the other three bones meet

You may have heard that sudden left shoulder pain may indicate you’re having a heart attack. In fact, the referred pain from a heart attack can also cause right shoulder pain. But you should treat any sudden, severe shoulder pain, back pain, or neck pain as an emergency.

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