Back pain lives with you every day. Deal with it now, before it worsens and leads to reduced mobility. Our doctors that specialize in back pain never offer a cookie-cutter solution, pain management NY has become one of the most trusted pain management centers. You always get a unique perspective on the available treatment options to treat and prevent recurring back pain. Top back pain doctors in Manhattan recommend the best-suited treatments for your back pain and symptoms. Don’t wait for relief from back pain when it’s so close. Here in Midtown, our physicians offer the best back pain relief treatments including minimally invasive spine surgery, PRP injections and Stem Cell Therapy.

Back pain is one of the leading contributors to disabilities around the world. It’s also the most common complaint doctors hear. When your back hurts, it affects your life in so many ways — from causing you to miss work and exercise to feelings of frustration and anxiety about your helplessness.

But surgery rarely is required to get back pain relief. You have access to the pain management doctors in Manhattan at back pain clinic NYC. Leading spine specialist Dr. Reyfman offers the most advanced diagnostic equipment and fast, accurate lab testing. With many years of experience treating every kind of backache, you can be confident in your outcome.

Types of Back Pain Distinguishing between different kinds of pain is the first step in the diagnosis. According to NCBI , 1 case in 100,000 is a true red flag, indicating syndrome, or other severe conditions. Our back injury specialists in NYC discern between various pain types, such as:
Mechanical: It is the most prevalent type with the largest incidence. It can be caused by spine injury, intervertebral discs issues, or damage to soft tissues.
– Degenerative: Commonly related to osteoporotic compression fractures, spinal stenosis, joint osteoarthritis, and degenerative disc disorder.
Inflammatory: It may be a part of an acute inflammatory process, such as ankylosing spondylitis or sacroiliitis.
– Oncologic: Potential causes are damage to the spine, marrow cancer, or nerve compression.
Infectious: It is caused by spine infections, epidural sores, or muscular/soft tissue ulcers.

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