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Poor Customer Service

Called 2 months ago to get a price on having a residential driveway gate installed. Had to wait approx 1 month for Tony G. to come out to look at project and give us a price. However he never followed through. 3 weeks after he was here for the bid I called to find out status. He told me it is on top of his stack but he had to head out for more bids. He promised he would have the bid done next day. Well one week later and still haven't heard from anyone. I called two other out of the area gate companies. They came out within 2 weeks and both provided the bid within 14 days. Here is a statement from their website "Customer service is our specialty. We strive to insure our customers receive quality at a reasonable price." Sandy, in front office, was most helpful and responsive. Would not recommend this company unless you want to get strung along.

Written by Steven L. on March 21st, 2019

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