Cervical radiculopathy, otherwise known as a pinched nerve in your neck, is a painful medical condition. The pain limits what you can do and occupies your mind from the moment you awake until you finally fall asleep at night. Since there are many causes of neck pain, you need an accurate diagnosis before treatment can begin. Get the best care in New Jersey at NU-Spine, a specialty medical practice in Edison. Dr. Branko Skovrlj is an experienced spinal specialist who finds the cause of your pain and addresses it with the most appropriate treatment. Don’t let cervical radiculopathy stop you; call NU-Spine today for an evaluation.

What Is Cervical Radiculopathy?
Radiculopathy refers to a spinal nerve that’s been pinched or impinged. There are three kinds of radiculopathy:

-Cervical radiculopathy
-Thoracic radiculopathy
-Lumbar radiculopathy

The only difference between them is the spine area where the affected nerve is: your neck, mid-back, or lower back. Your cervical spine — the top of your spine that extends above your shoulders — is the most flexible part of your whole spine. It allows you to turn your head side to side, up and down, and any combination in between.

The cervical spine is the least protected part of your spine. This part of your spine also supports your head, which weighs as much as a small bowling ball, about 11 pounds on average. Damage to any nerve root around the spine in your neck leads to a painful condition known as cervical radiculopathy or a pinched nerve.

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