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NJ spine center and the state-of-the-art surgical center provides the most advanced minimally invasive spine surgery in the country. Founded by a neurosurgeon and fellowship-trained spine surgeon Dr. Branko Skovrlj, the NU-Spine pain center houses ultramodern diagnostic technology and the newest treatment options.

Best in class spine surgeon in New Jersey Dr. Skovrlj, the founder of NU-Spine: The Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Institute. Dr. Skovrlj is one of only a handful of spine neurosurgeons who focuses his expertise in the treatment of complex spine procedures. At his spine care center, he uses advanced surgical techniques and the latest technology to provide patients with evidence-based spinal treatments focusing on long-term successful outcomes.

New Jersey’s Ultimate Spine Pain Center Focuses on Determining a Correct Diagnosis
The spine surgeon selects an appropriate treatment to address the underlying cause of your pain for long-term relief. This spine care center has …

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