Noble Wave | Brewery & Louisiana Kitchen

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5 Star Review By A.

Hands down the best Southern food in Salem. The Hot Bird is obviously an amazing choice, but so is the smash burger. I have yet to try the Shrimp and Grits but they look amazing! A repeat visit is ensured whenever we stop through Salem. Does get very packed on weekends, especially Sundays, but just order to go and you’re good! Love this place✨

A. Nov 2nd, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Wendell Harness

My first experience at Noble Wave was a great one. I had the Classic Bird -- I really liked that the chicken was moist but the breading was thin and crispy. Despite the sauce and the lettuce on the sandwich, the chicken stayed nice and crispy throughout the entire meal. I don't know if the bun is baked in house, but regardless it was a good choice for the sandwich. The fries were really good although they may have been a little bit too salty. But I just shook them off a little bit and they were delicious. The fry sauce helped with the salt issue also, plus the sauce is really really good. I ordered coffee but after I sat down they realized that they were out of coffee. When they came around to tell me about the lack of coffee, they offered to get me another drink. So I chose the huckleberry cider and I was not disappointed. Overall the food was great and the service was quick and friendly.

Wendell Harness Nov 9th, 2020 Google