May Trucking Company Brooks Terminal

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5 Star Review By Jeremiah Shackelford

I've been a truck driver for over 10 years, drive for several other companies, and have known many drivers that did as well. I've been with May for several years, and they're the best trucking company I've ever worked for. No other company has treated me as well as May. It helps a lot that I have a driver manager that knows her stuff and actually cares about my health and we'll being. She's the first DM that ever told me, "your health is more important than any load." She's also really great at getting me home on time. There are definitely companies out there that pay more, and aren't governed so slow (61mph), but May actually pays me consistently and correctly exactly what they agreed to pay me without me having to chase down unpaid miles etc. Plus I don't get hounded about things like idle time or how I manage my Hours of Service, and very rarely bug me about late deliveries (unless I really could have avoided it, or I just didn't tell them I was gonna be late). The equipment is mostly recent Freightliner trucks, and the trucks and trailers are well maintained. Plus over the last couple years, the Over-the-Road-Service department has become the friendliest and most helpful I've ever encountered. There's always something for us to complain about: the showers are too cold, the bathrooms are too far away, I had to wait too long for my next load, I got dispatched on a load that's impossible to deliver on time, my truck is too slow, I don't like all the sensors on my truck, etc etc etc. Honestly though, I haven't heard of any company where drivers didn't have these kind of complaints. I think some of this stuff is pretty universal. But where it counts, May has always done right by me. I don't think I will ever drive for any other company.

Jeremiah Shackelford Jan 4th, 2021 Google

4 Star Review By Joe Cruz

Great company to work for trucks are very slow but the company facility and the company staff in Brooks are very nice and very friendly I can see myself staying here for 10 years even though the truck is as slow as hell

Joe Cruz Jan 11th, 2021 Google