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5 Star Review By Val Lemings

Visited this restaurant for the first time at 3 PM on a Friday afternoon. At first the menu seemed daunting, but Michael, our server, patiently explained everything and was willing to direct us to what we wanted and made it understandable. We chose the beef brisket, Hawaiian beef, and spicy pork. The sides were green salad, sliced radishes, green beans, broccoli, sliced potatoes, and kimchi. Michael brought out a large pair of kitchen shears (for cutting larger pieces of meat), tongs for each of us, chopsticks and a spoon. Hubby asked for a fork and they were quick to comply. About 5 min after we ordered our server brought out our food, oil for grilling, and dipping sauces. He explained how to oil the grill. Being someone who enjoys cooking this was comfortable for me, but even my husband got involved in the spirit of fun! The food was good and we enjoyed the all you can eat $23 each(smallest) package and felt it was more than adequate, and hubby is a true carnivore! We had three refills of the different meats and vegetable. We were seated and visited by several friendly staff members. All in all a very fun, pleasant experience for an early Friday night dinner!

Val Lemings Nov 7th, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Mike Roake

The nice person taking our order was awesome! The food was the best I’ve had in a while. Big portions paired with amazing flavors. This is true my a hidden gem.

Mike Roake Feb 12th, 2021 Google