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5 Star Review By Randie Weathers

When you lose someone, you love the last thing you want to do is be inundated with all the minute details involved in laying your loved one to rest. I would encourage you to do as my Mom so smartly did and that is to prearrange what she and Dad wanted to happen on that inevitable day of death for one of them. My Dad happened to be the one we lost but because Mom had met with Miles Johnson of Johnson Funeral Home and had a plan all made and paid for the before that sad day came, it took so much of the pressure off. The reason we chose Johnson Funeral Home was due to a close friend 's having lost his son and all the good things they had to say concerning working through the process with Miles and his wife. Now it is my hope that I too can pass on the positive experience of dealing with Johnson's Funeral Home. I too want to set up and pay for a plan for my husband and I as soon as we can. Since my Dad passed at home there is a process that has to be followed but Miles was here to take care of my Dad as soon as that process was over. We felt very confident in turning our loved one over into his care. He was caring, compassionate and respectful. He made all the arrangements and kept us informed for the military ceremony and was there with us. Thank you Miles, for no pressure when it came to choosing the direction Mom wanted for their final day. You hear so many scare stories about some funeral homes using grief to guilt you into something you can't afford or don't wish to take part in. I too was so impressed by their celebration page where we could post a complete obituary (no charge) that you are able to share the link to for all friends and family to have access to, especially those who live far away. Please consider using Johnson's Funeral Home if you are in need of some super people to help you get through your loss.

Randie Weathers Jan 30th, 2021 Google

5 Star Review By Melinda Meras

Were very happy with how easy the process Miles made It for our family. During such a hard time you don't want to feel pushed or pressured. In 2 different occasions we have been more than happy. Fast response, respectful and speaks Spanish. I highly recommend Johnson funeral home.

Melinda Meras Dec 2nd, 2020 Google