JJ & C Movers LLC

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4 Star Review By Ann Olsen

10/5 ---- I need to edit and update my previous review. The owner of the moving company contacted me and tried to make right the previous delivery. He was willing to work with me and very accommodating and was sorry about any inconvenience. He said the owner of the piano was very difficult to work with, and although I am still not sure what that difficulty was, I believe him that he tried to make it work. The piano moving company owner was willing to try again and gave me several times of appointments to make this happen. I appreciate his contacting me and willingness to resolve the issue. My husband and friends ended up moving the piano, so I didn't need his service anymore, but I felt assured that if I had, everything would have gone smoothly. I believe this is an honorable company and should feel happy to use them if the need arose again.

Ann Olsen Oct 5th, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Carlos Monreal

Fantastic company. They were able to get me scheduled right away. They were on time, the crew is very professional and expeditious. They took great care with moving our baby grand piano. They don't cut corners. I can't recommend them enough. Thank you for the excellent service!

Carlos Monreal Aug 18th, 2020 Google