Hoffman Veterinary Clinic

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5 Star Review By Stephanie Laumeyer

The staff and vet are amazing! They are all friendly, upbeat, and have really worked with my schedule! Especially as I've been coming a long way, specifically for my doberman pup's ears, and they have done a great job! The vet really takes into account the shape, length, and breaks in the pups ears before committing to the crop, and makes sure you're fully aware of every possible outcome before you commit too. Very respectful and honest, with years of experience! I highly recommend.

Stephanie Laumeyer Nov 28th, 2020 Google

4 Star Review By Cassidy D

I don't think there is anything special about this clinic. They are mostly friendly and they seem to do a great job with pet care; however, they seem a little unorganized (but honestly who isn't during COVID) and don't necessarily have a wow factor to their business. I like that I can schedule an appointment and that they are reasonably priced, but I prefer our other vet clinic (who do not schedule appointments). I have really only spoken to one person who did have that wow factor of 'we care about you and most importantly, your pet'. We have not been disappointed by them but we also aren't overly impressed by their customer service. Our pets are well cared for and we will continue bringing our pets here.

Cassidy D Dec 23rd, 2020 Google