“I’d like to extend my sincere gratitude to one of your employees who saved the day for me yesterday, Wednesday, July 8th.

I was already having one of those days where anything that could go a just a little wrong, was. In the early afternoon I had to travel from my home downtown out to South Salem to pick up my daughter, and I took my hyperactive Siberian Husky with me for the ride. Since I didn’t plan on leaving my car I was in house slippers and hadn’t taken a face mask with me. En route home we suddenly found ourselves with a flat tire, and I pulled into Venti’s Taphouse parking lot to figure things out. We walked over to Auto Zone for a can of Fix-A-Flat, which the cashier advised me doesn’t always work correctly, so if I got a “dud,” just bring it right back. Of course I got a dud. On my second attempt at using the Fix-A-Flat I figured out that the tire was too deflated for the product to even work properly. He is where your employee Delphino, offered me assistance.

Kneeling with me on the hot parking lot cement in the mid-day sun, Delphino suggested that I just get the spare out… I explained I had a spare tire but no jack. Another Green Acres employee provided the jack and Delphino had the spare tire on in hardly no time at all. Afterward, he immediately returned to his work duties. What a kind and generous employee you have. Thank you so much for being willing to help us when we needed it. The world needs more Delphinos in it.

My warmest regards,”

Kristi S.