Granny’s Kitchen – SW 89th St.

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Our menu is traditional
culture, with an
innovative twist.

When you enter the doors of Granny’s Kitchen you are walking into the 1945 Rains Furniture store Owned my Elvin and Earl Rains. The north room of present day Granny’s was the original restaurant owned by the Niles family and was ‘Niles Café’ that was until two years later when the Rains family expanded into the restaurant business purchasing the cafe, Vernen ‘Blackie” Rains changed ‘Niles Café’ into ‘Rainbow’.

Google Reviews:

4 Star Review By Pamela Harjo

Free cinnamon roll for first time customers. And it’s delicious! I would have given Granny’s kitchen five stars, except they’re limited on their coffee options. For a down-home country food experience this is a must try. I recommend the fried potatoes and the biscuits blew my mind! Plus they have a tower mimosa option, great for brunch with friends! Maybe take your own granny, she’d feel right at home!

Pamela Harjo Apr 17th, 2024 Google

5 Star Review By Josué Chávez

My Bride and I had passed by the location so many time and have wanted to try it out. Finally made it and it did not disappoint! I made a reservation using Google assistant. The food was served quickly, probably about 8-10 minutes after ordering. My Bride ordered the Cinnamon Rolls with Turkey Bacon, and I ordered Two Egg Breakfast with Fried Potatoes, Turkey Sausage Patties, Pancakes, and Biscuit with Peppered Gravy. Thank you Granny’s for having Turkey options. We have informed the rest of our family and we will definitely be back!

Josué Chávez Apr 6th, 2024 Google