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5 Star Review By Emily Partridge

I ordered flowers from Roth's only two weeks before my wedding. It was slightly tricky communicating, since I believe the floral manager Laurie is the one who does most of the design and building work. However, I cannot complain because the work she did was absolutely brilliant! I had my heart set on one vendor that was unable to work with me because of the narrow time frame. I sent the photos of the other vendor's work over to Roths and they recreated it to perfection. They even had ideas on cheaper flowers that would give me the same look. To top it all off, they added an extra bout that I had totally forgotten about mere days before the wedding. In addition, the flowers were insanely affordable. I got 12 bouts, 4 corsages, 6 bridesmaid bouquets and a bridal bouquet all for under $550 with two weeks notice. Please consider using Roth's floral for your wedding. They will customize according to you needs and desires beautifully and are so professional to work with.

Emily Partridge Jul 24th, 2019 Google

5 Star Review By Richard Morrow

First time shopping since moving back to Salem, and the store was awesome! I ordered a custom sandwich, and it was better than anything Subway could make. The computer ordering system made it feel impersonal, but Brandy walked me through it, and then made the best wrap sandwich I'd had in years. Excellent selection in all departments, and except having too many vendors restocking at the same time, the aisles were all easily handicapped accessible (or for shopping carts), even right next to where some light construction was being done. Orville would be proud!

Richard Morrow Sep 16th, 2016 Google