Fitness Experience

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5 Star Review By Jen Pelletier

Fitness Experience has been one of the best gym experiences I have had. I know, there are a LOT of gym choices out there. What made Fitness Experience stand out for me? Knowledgeable staff, VERY clean facility, for being family owned and not a commercial “deep pocket” chain facility, and they have some of the best equipment to work with, and the FANTASTIC owners. Johanna and Isaac are two of the most considerate, hardworking, and dedicated people I know. They bought the facility at a time when another brand new chain facility came to town, which had to be hard, but they persevere, and ensure we have a great facility. Johanna and Isaac are great parents of two awesome and healthy little girls and Johanna is a Licensed PA in the local area. They were members of this gym before taking ownership, so they know what kind of service is expected and they continue to try to make the gym better and better. There is ALWAYS a friendly staff member who is happy to come talk you through anything you need. Isaac and Johanna dedicate themselves to the gym and ensure their staff provide EXCELLENT service to their members. The owners are easy to approach and more than willing to go out of their way to answer any questions you may have. If you have kids, they have the BEST supervised childcare program, where your kids are interacted with in a closed off area that is visible to members, so parents can sneak a peak on their treasures without disrupting their workouts. So in short, if you are looking for a GREAT gym in the Albany area, I STRONGLY recommend Fitness Experience, you won’t be disappointed.

Jen Pelletier Jan 11th, 2019 Google

5 Star Review By Carolyn Hudson-Harris

Fitness Experience is one of the best gyms in Albany! I am a professional bodybuilder. I’ve trained at many gyms all around the United States. I was pleasantly surprised to see the size of the facility and the variety of equipment that they have! They even have a few pieces that I had never seen before. The facility is clean and has a wonderful overall atmosphere! I would highly recommend this gym!

Carolyn Hudson-Harris Feb 26th, 2019 Google