Enchanted Forest

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5 Star Review By Thomas Werner

Every worker was so kind and accommodating I was there with young kids and disabled elderly everyone made us feel so welcome and were so helpful they used a go cart to transport a disabled family member around. The park is amazing for young kids especially that 5 to 10 range. I came in hopeful because it was my kids first amusement park and they blew me away everyone I was with loved it.

Thomas Werner Jan 14th, 2024 Google

5 Star Review By Kris B

There are a lot of hands-on play for little ones. There are no all-day passes, so expect to pay $3.00 -$5.00 per ride, per person. However, you can bring your own food and food prices at the park are reasonable, So it balances out. I came here when I was 5 and now my grandson comes here. It's cool to take pictures of him in front of the same attractions that I did as a child. For me, it brings up a sense of nostalgia and I enjoy coming because I remember my father and I playing on the witch slide, the old lady in the shoe slide, and other attractions that are still present. Now, I get to make new memories with my grandchild. I do wish they had a annual pass so that I could come more often. Another positive is thst this park is family-owned and you are supporting a local business. They seem to make sure that things are reasonably priced. It's well worth it if you have little kids. There's a Western Village, an Old English Village, castles, and plenty of photo opportunities. There are a few rides and attractions that would be fun for teenagers, but they may get bored quickly. Teenagers may not have such a great time, save for the unique pictures they could take in front of a variety of locations. So, if your teenager is big into selfies and picture taking, a few basic rides, and a haunted house they may enjoy it for a little while. Me, personality, I love coming here with my grandkids.

Kris B Sep 3rd, 2023 Google