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5 Star Review By General Reparm

I met with Mr. Eggert regarding some custody issues. While he was unable to assist me with my specific matter, as I was seeking some document review and isolated legal advice, in the 30 minute consult I participated in with him, it was clear by the way he interacted with me that he approaches all of his clients with understanding and respect, is straight forward, smart, experienced and well spoken. While I am not currently at a place where I feel like I should bring in an attorney for representation full time in my court case, if / when I get to that point, he will be seriously considered due to his professionalism and respect he exhibited during my interaction with him.

General Reparm Nov 4th, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Robert Tavares

Would highly recommend Chris Eggert, he is easy to work with and did a great job for us.

Robert Tavares Sep 16th, 2019 Google