Dough Hook Bake Shop

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5 Star Review By Shelby Oxenford

My goodness, this place is no joke! A dear friend of mine told me I absolutely needed to check this place out. I stumbled across the shop when seeking out lunch today. Surely the best donuts I have had! The flavors are incredible! I managed to get away with a marion berry w/ lemon drizzle donut that is tangy, pillowy, and sublime!!!! Wonderful staff and friendly service to boot! Will most definitely be back!!!!!

Shelby Oxenford Sep 10th, 2020 Google

4 Star Review By Christina Hawthorn

Donuts were fresh and good. They weren't quite what I was looking for (light and fluffy donut) but the big, chewy yeasted donut I got was still excellent. The price point is pretty high - $11 for 3 maple glazed donuts and an apple fritter - so keep that in mind.

Christina Hawthorn Dec 27th, 2020 Google