Camacho House Keeping

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5 Star Review By Sue Beardshear

We just had our windows cleaned as well a deep cleaning of our house. The windows are so clean you can't even see the glass. The windowsills and screens were also cleaned. The house was cleaned from top to bottom. It looks beautiful. The bathrooms almost sparkle. The inside of the stove and refrigerator look wonderful. I would highly recommend Camacho House Keeping.

Sue Beardshear Dec 5th, 2019 Google

5 Star Review By HiDuce

After struggling to find a house cleaner that was both great at cleaning and could accommodate a flexible schedule, we finally found Ralph Camacho and crew. They have been great! They charge reasonable prices, they do a good job, are fast and efficient and most importantly are always available at the drop of a hat. Weekends, Holidays, they were even available to do a cleaning on Christmas day! I would recommend Ralph to anyone who wants a thorough, fast and reliable house cleaner.

HiDuce Jun 23rd, 2019 Google