Bearscat Bakehouse – Salem

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5 Star Review By Andrew Cornwell

Ordered 2 cinnamon sugar, Bearscat, peanut butter donut, salted caramel, bacon maple bar, pumpkin pie, and a fruity pebbles donut. The Gentleman behind the counter was not only helpful and courteous but also very professional. All of our donuts were fresh and toppings (including the cereal) and the soft fluffy dough was perfectly cooked. The cinnamon sugar was almost crisp with an nice coating on the whole donut. For people who don't like too much sweet this donut was amazing!. The Bearscat donut has a rich chocolate flavor, another semi sweet donut with a nice hit of sweet from the sugar glaze. The Reece's Pieces donut was a sweet chocolate donut lovers dream, and again the topping was fresh tasting and not stale. Bacon maple bar a salty sweet treat perfect for the maple bar lover, was topped with maple bacon That was a salty sweet perfect donut. I appreciate the bacon pieces rather than the whole strip that other shops use. The pumpkin pie donut was a very sweet donut topped with a nice spread of frosting and lightly topped with pumpkin pie spice and filled with a generous amount of pumpkin filling. The fruity pebbles donut had a wonderfully crunchy sweet lightly glazed donut with a thin frosting and the amount of cereal on top was perfect to compliment to round of this donut batch. All in all every donut we got was delicious and made to perfection. This is definitely by far the best donuts in Salem, and far better than Voodoo.

Andrew Cornwell Nov 9th, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Neil W

Bearscat Bakehouse may not have a very appetizing name, but they make up for it with their service. I live in another state, but wanted to deliver donuts to friends who live in Salem. Bearscat was more than happy to deliver what I needed, and my friends were very pleased with their donuts. I will be using Bearscat Bakehouse for future deliveries to my friends in Salem for sure.

Neil W Feb 15th, 2021 Google