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Excellent over the Years!

We started using St Maries Wild Rice 25 years ago when it was processed in St Maries. We bought it in small boxes locally and served the "Wild Rice Pilaf" recipe from the box at our church monthly anniversary dinners. People loved it! One day Larry and Sharon visited our church. During our visit we learned they owned the wild rice terminal about a mile from the church. We told them about our dinners. They left that day and returned about five minutes later with a big bag of rice they donated to the "cause". Since then we have been ordering it in the ten pound bags. I retired in 2008. Now we use it for special dinners and have given some as gifts to people as far away as Honduras and Alaska. Service is great. We called yesterday and it arrived today!

Written by Dan S. on November 6th, 2015

Reviewing: Wild Rice