I have some amazing upscale cruise deals for budget prices for you right now! These prices include wifi, specialty dining (balcony and above, and tips), $50 excursion credit per cabin per port, and ALCOHOL PKG <tips for that pkg>.

If you book by July 8 it also includes gratuities for balcony and above. If you do not drink, please request that pkg to be removed and your price will go down.

You’ll also get 3 bottles of wine, bottled water, and strawberries in your room as a special add-on. I might have a few extra little perks in addition, so contact me to book!

Price does not include airfare. Buy-One / Get One airfare is available on this package. 

++ Extra deal through July 6 ++ Buy a Cruise First Certificate for $250… and apply it for a $500 credit! (basically extra $250 off – only 1 per booking) Subtract $125 per person to get your total price.

Alaska for 9 days out of Seattle!

Alaska for 10 days out of Seattle!