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5 Star Review By Gaelan Hardman

I've driven past this place every day since I moved here a year ago and never thought to check it out until tonight and I am so glad I did. The prime rib with mashed potatoes was amazing. Even the side salad was fabulous - it had a delicious blend of greens with no iceberg lettuce. Our server made us feel welcomed and I just appreciate that so much. I just hit level 40 on Pokemon Go and I'm allowed to nominate a place for a pokestop. I'm going to nominate this place, as it is my new favorite restaurant and I think I'll be there a lot!

Gaelan Hardman Dec 24th, 2020 Google

5 Star Review By Ricardo Tunzato

Nice outside seating, food was good the waitress never came to check on us. Sad face!

Ricardo Tunzato Aug 28th, 2020 Google