Amy Singleton


Powerhouse Amy Singleton is an entrepreneur based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Originally an OR Nurse, Amy’s own health tragically ended that career- so instead of saving LIVES, now she’s SCALING businesses as the Owner/Partner of Hite Digital Norman. Cutting through the bodies of people was quite exciting, but cutting through the NOISE of the internet to help businesses grow, is even MORE exhilarating. As a trailblazer in the maledominated industry of digital marketing, Amy has successfully helped countless deserving business owners find a relationship with marketers they can trust. Amy is the founder and host of the Queens Lead podcast, where she interviews women entrepreneurs who are making a BIG impact on the world around them. She’s inspired to give women business owners a platform to share their stories & learn from one another. Above all, it’s important to Amy that an audience leave not only moved to action with clear takeaways, but personally connected to her in a genuine way. Guiding others to be their MOST authentic selves both in business and in life is her life’s work.