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As the school year winds down, parents in Mount Juliet may wonder how to keep their kids active, entertained, and intellectually engaged throughout the summer. Luckily, Mount Juliet is bustling with a variety of summer activities that cater to all interests, from sports and science to arts and adventure. Here’s your comprehensive guide to the best kids’ activities for a memorable and fun-filled summer in Mount Juliet.

1. Summer Camps at Charlie Daniels Park

Charlie Daniels Park offers a range of summer camps that focus on everything from sports and games to crafts and music. These camps are great for children who enjoy being outdoors and are keen to learn new skills while making new friends. The park’s well-equipped facilities provide the perfect backdrop for a summer full of fun and learning.

2. Reading Challenges at Mount Juliet Public Library

The Mount Juliet Public Library hosts summer reading programs designed to keep young minds sharp and engaged. With weekly themes and prizes for achieving reading goals, these programs make reading fun and exciting. The library also hosts special guest storytellers and performers, turning reading into a dynamic part of your child’s summer.

3. Art Classes at Mount Juliet Creative Arts Center

Nurture your child’s artistic side with summer art classes at the Mount Juliet Creative Arts Center. Offering everything from painting and sculpture to photography and pottery, these classes encourage creative expression and provide kids with the skills to create their own masterpieces.

4. Nature Exploration at Cedar Creek Sports Center

For kids who love the great outdoors, the Cedar Creek Sports Center organizes nature exploration activities. These include guided walks, bird watching, and educational programs about local wildlife. It’s a fantastic way for kids to learn about nature and develop an appreciation for the environment.

5. Swimming Lessons at Tommy Garrott Aquatics Facility

Swimming is a must-do summer activity, and the Tommy Garrott Aquatics Facility offers lessons for all age groups and skill levels. Whether your child is a beginner or looking to improve their swimming technique, these lessons are both fun and beneficial.

6. Youth Leagues at Mount Juliet Youth Soccer Complex

Engage your kids in physical activity and team spirit by signing them up for a youth soccer league. The Mount Juliet Youth Soccer Complex hosts leagues throughout the summer, providing a great way for kids to stay active, learn teamwork, and develop their soccer skills.

7. Adventure Days at Long Hunter State Park

Explore the great outdoors with Adventure Days at Long Hunter State Park. These activities range from hiking and canoeing to wildlife spotting and survival skills workshops. It’s the perfect escape for adventurous kids who enjoy a challenge and love to learn outdoors.

8. Technology Camps at local tech hubs

For kids interested in technology, several local tech hubs offer summer camps focusing on coding, robotics, and video game design. These camps are not only fun but also educational, providing skills that could inspire a future career.

9. Music Workshops at Mount Juliet Music Academy

Encourage your child’s musical talents with workshops at the Mount Juliet Music Academy. These summer programs might include learning a new instrument, singing, writing songs, or even preparing for performances. It’s a great way for kids to explore their musical interests in a supportive environment.

10. DIY Crafts at Home

Finally, for days when your kids are home, consider setting up DIY craft projects. These can be as simple as homemade playdough, paper crafts, or even a backyard scavenger hunt. It’s a wonderful way to spend quality time together and encourage creativity.

Mount Juliet is full of opportunities for kids to explore, learn, and enjoy themselves this summer. By taking advantage of these activities, parents can ensure their children have a balanced, enjoyable, and enriching summer. So gear up for a season filled with fun, laughter, and learning!

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