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I recently got the chance to talk to owner and powerhouse Jamie Martinez and tour the facilities at TNT Countertops right here in Norman to learn what makes them stand out as THE go-to countertop fabricator for the metro area and beyond. Under the stewardship of Jamie and her brother David Martinez, this family-owned business has become the go-to local supplier for both residential and commercial countertops. Their story isn’t just about stone surfaces; it’s about a commitment to keeping business local and personal.

A Legacy Cemented in Local Roots

TNT began as the passion project of self-proclaimed “Rockslingers” David and his brother-in-law Tommy. Tragedy struck when, 13 years into operating TNT, Tommy went down in a motorcycle accident. Jamie, committed to the passion and purpose of her family’s legacy, packed up and headed to Oklahoma to care for her family and help TNT Countertops thrive. Now, almost 3 years later, TNT has continued to grow and serve the community.  “We’re not going to be gone in a flash fire & absent when you need us.” Jamie remarked. The same can’t be said for the one-off installers or the big, out-of-state contractors frequently contracted by “big box” retailers. 

We’re not going to be gone in a flash fire & absent when you need us.

As exclusive providers for the Wheeler District and other significant local projects, TNT Countertops doesn’t just serve the community; they BUILD  it—literally. From supporting non-profits dear to Norman’s heart, such as The Virtue Center, to custom projects for local icons like Van’s Pig Stand, TNT’s influence is visible across Norman.

“From our in-house interior design to the fabricators and installers, we keep it all in the family.” 

Jamie Martinez, Owner TNT Countertops

Small Business with Big Tech

At TNT Countertops, traditional craftsmanship meets modern technology. The company leverages advanced tools like vein matching software and laser templating to deliver precision in every piece. This integration of technology not only ensures superior quality but also demonstrates TNT’s dedication to innovation within the local industry. By managing all aspects of production from their three-building compound in Norman, they maintain control over the quality and outcome of every countertop, ensuring that clients receive nothing but the best.

Technology is all well and good, but the real magic is their commitment to supporting and improving their 14-person team. Jamie knows that you’re only as good as the talent you surround yourself with and invest in. TNT definitely has that family vibe, with Jamie cooking lunch for the team most days. (Note to self: I need this SO BAD.) This is reflected in the cohesive culture of TNT, which is tough to match.

As TNT Countertops shows, choosing local is not just about buying products—it’s about investing in your community and in a network of care that stands the test of time. So next time you’re considering a new countertop, think local and remember TNT Countertops, where community comes first and quality is guaranteed.

To get in touch with Jamie at TNT Countertops, reach out to them on their featured business profile below. 

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Amy Singleton is a contributing author and online editor for Whirlocal South OKC, Moore, and Norman. She’s the host of the Queen Lead Podcast, a motivational & marketing keynote speaker, and the CEO at HITE.

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