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513 SW 156th St
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73170
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In the heart of Moore, Oklahoma, where community and connection are as strong as the tornadoes that have made the town famous, First United Bank stands as a testament to the power of local banking. This beautiful new building in the heart of Moore is much more than a place to protect your money; it’s a local bank that’s rooted in fostering growth and nurturing relationships. At the helm is Andy Sherrer, President of the Oklahoma City Region, whose story and vision encapsulate the essence of what makes First United Bank not just a financial institution but a community pillar.

A Local at Heart

Andy’s roots run deep in Cleveland County. A lifelong resident, Sherrer’s journey from Normanite to a leader in the banking industry is marked by a deep connection to the community he serves. His educational path, starting at Oklahoma State for undergrad, then back to the University of Oklahoma for his MBA (he jokes that he “saw the light”), reflects a commitment to his Oklahoma roots, resonating throughout his leadership at First United Bank.

Andy Sherrer, President, Oklahoma City Region

Reflecting on his connection to the South OKC metro area, Sherrer shares, “I’m virtually a lifelong Cleveland County resident. I graduated from Norman High School…I love what I do, I love First United. I am a huge family person.” This deep-seated connection to his home and his family underscores Sherrer’s dedication not just to banking, but to improving the lives of those around him.

Banking with a Purpose

At the core of Sherrer’s decision to enter the banking world is a desire to make a meaningful impact on the community. Inspired by the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Sherrer views banking as a vehicle for community development and personal growth. He explains, “To me, that’s what banking is. If I can help the community grow and to blossom and to be the best that it can be for all, not just for an individual, then that gives me great satisfaction.”

This philosophy of banking as a community-building tool is what drives First United Bank’s mission and Sherrer’s leadership. The bank’s focus extends beyond financial transactions, aiming to create a lasting positive impact on the lives of its customers and the broader community.

First United Bank has established its new building located at 420 SW 6th St. not just as a banking center but as a community hub, designed to be welcoming and open for community events. This space serves as a venue for local gatherings, educational seminars, and celebrations, aiming to be a central part of the community’s social fabric.

“To me, that’s what banking is. If I can help the community grow and to blossom and to be the best that it can be for all, not just for an individual, then that gives me great satisfaction.”

Values at the Core

First United Bank’s commitment to Moore is built upon four pillars: faith, financial well-being, health and wellness, and personal growth. These values are not just corporate slogans but are deeply embedded in the bank’s operations and Sherrer’s personal ethos.

“We focus a lot of energy on our four pillars…those, to me, embody a lot of what we spend our time on.”

Andy Sherrer

Sherrer and his team place a strong emphasis on financial literacy, offering resources and programs aimed at educating the community on financial health and management. This includes seminars and one-on-one advisories that help individuals and small business owners navigate financial challenges and opportunities.

In each of their lobbies, you can find a learning area, complete with a book (often by local authors, such as a current selection by Pastor Craig Groeschel) that aligns with each of the 4 values. These books are available for anyone to come in and take home, to read, & to learn from.

Community and Connection

Under Sherrer’s leadership, First United Bank has become more than a place for financial transactions; it’s a hub for community engagement. “For us, Moore and the South Oklahoma City area has been a place that we love; they’ve been so caring and loving towards First United.” Sherrer notes, emphasizing the reciprocal relationship between the bank and the community.

First United actively participates in charitable efforts, supporting local non-profits, schools, and healthcare initiatives. The bank’s employees regularly volunteer, providing not just financial but hands-on support to projects and organizations that make a difference in the lives of Moore residents.

Navigating Challenges Together

Sherrer and First United Bank are not just focused on the sunny days; they’re also committed to navigating economic challenges alongside their community. With a pragmatic approach to issues like interest rates, Sherrer emphasizes fairness and support for the community’s financial well-being. They’re the state’s largest mortgage provider, helping families get into homes where they can build lives, with rates & terms they can afford.

A Personal Touch in Banking

What truly sets First United Bank apart under Sherrer’s leadership is the emphasis on personal relationships. Sherrer believes in being a “trusted advisor” to his clients, offering a partnership that goes beyond the typical banker-customer dynamic. “You can have a banker and not just be a transaction,” he emphasizes.

First United Bank embodies the essence of local banking—rooted in community, driven by values, and dedicated to making a positive impact. As Sherrer aptly puts it, “It’s about building a community, and to me, that’s what banking is.” First United Bank stands “Moore Strong” as a beacon of hope, growth, and connection, proving that with the right leadership and vision, a bank can indeed be much more than a place to store money—it can be a cornerstone of the community.

If you want to learn more about how First United Bank makes a positive impact on our communities, check out their featured business profile below, or better yet, walk in and have a chat with them! You can find them on their social media here:

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