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Winter houseplant care is a little different than houseplant care during the spring and summer. When it starts to get cold outside and there’s less sunlight during the day, houseplants need a little extra care to stay healthy. Let’s go over a few tips that should help you keep your houseplants alive (and thriving) all winter long!

Avoid Overwatering

When it comes to houseplant care during winter, overwatering is a common mistake that many people make. With colder weather and fewer hours of sun, your plants won’t take in as much water as they do in the summer, and too much water can cause their leaves to turn yellow or lead to root rot. A good rule of thumb is to check your plants’ soil regularly to see if your plant needs water. If the soil is fully dry about one or two inches below the surface, you should be fine to water!

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Clean Their Leaves

Did you know that when houseplant leaves accumulate dust, it’s harder for them to absorb the sunlight they need? With less sunlight in the winter already, dusty leaves can make it more difficult for your plants to survive until spring. To remedy this, give the leaves a gentle wipe down with a damp cloth every few weeks or put your plants in the tub and use a handheld sprayer to give them a light shower.

Add Light

If you notice your houseplants aren’t getting enough sunlight during the winter, you might want to try moving them to a new spot with more light. Watch them closely for a few days in the new location to make sure they are adapting well to their new space. Another option is to invest in a grow lamp for indoor plants!

Turn Up the Heat

Even though your houseplants are indoors, the chilly winter temperatures can still affect them. You’ll want to keep your home at a comfortable temperature for both you and your plants. If you move your plants closer to the window for more sunlight, be sure to check for and seal any drafts beforehand. On the other hand, you don’t want them to be too hot, so you should also try to keep them away from baseboard heaters, floor vents, radiators, or fireplaces.

Add Humidity

Winter weather often means lower humidity levels, and if you’ve ever stepped foot in a greenhouse, you know many tropical houseplants thrive in humidity. If you own these types of plants, try running a humidifier next to them to add more moisture to the air!

Wait to Repot

Although it’s tempting, winter is not the best time to repot your plant. Plant growth is typically slower during winter months, and you may run a higher risk of stressing out your plant.

To keep your favorite houseplants alive during the colder months, you’ll want to make sure you’re giving them the best chances to survive. If you have questions or are looking for advice, contact your local nursery or plant store! Do you have any other houseplant tips we didn’t mention?