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Choosing the right haircut can make a significant difference in how a man feels and looks. For men over 40, it’s not just about staying trendy but also finding styles that are practical and easy to maintain. Here are the top seven men’s haircut styles for 2024, tailored to the modern man who wants to look sharp and feel confident.

 1. The Classic Crew Cut

Overview: The crew cut is a timeless, low-maintenance style. It’s a short cut with a bit of length on top, offering a neat and polished look.

Difficulty for Hairdresser: Easy  

Most hairdressers can execute a crew cut without any trouble. It requires basic clipper work and minimal styling.

Difficulty for Men: Easy  

Styling at home is straightforward. A bit of hair product can add some shine and hold, but it’s optional. Perfect for those who prefer a no-fuss routine.

Unique Challenges: None  

This style suits most face shapes and hair types, making it universally flattering and easy to manage.

 2. The Modern Pompadour

Overview: The modern pompadour adds volume and height, giving a youthful, dynamic appearance. It’s stylish and makes a statement.

Difficulty for Hairdresser: Moderate  

Creating the pompadour involves precise cutting to ensure the right volume and shape. A skilled hairdresser will be needed to perfect the look.

Difficulty for Men: Moderate to High  

Maintaining this style requires daily styling. You’ll need a good pomade or mousse to keep the volume and shape intact.

Unique Challenges: Consistent Maintenance  

It might not be the best choice for those who prefer low-maintenance styles. However, the payoff in style points can be worth it.

 3. The Textured Crop

Overview: The textured crop is a short cut with plenty of layers to add texture and movement. It’s edgy yet practical.

Difficulty for Hairdresser: Moderate  

Achieving the right texture requires skilled layering and possibly some razor work. Not every barber can master this cut.

Difficulty for Men: Easy to Moderate  

Styling at home involves using a texturizing product to define the layers. It’s relatively easy but requires the right product.

Unique Challenges: Hair Type Compatibility  

Works best with naturally wavy or curly hair. Straight hair might need extra product or styling to achieve the desired texture.

 4. The Slicked Back Undercut

Overview: Combining the undercut with a slicked-back top, this style adds sophistication and fullness, ideal for those with thinning hair.

Difficulty for Hairdresser: Moderate  

The undercut is simple, but blending it seamlessly with the slicked-back top requires skill.

Difficulty for Men: Moderate  

Daily styling with a strong-hold gel or pomade is necessary. It takes a bit of effort to keep the hair slicked back and in place.

Unique Challenges: Regular Trims  

To maintain the sharp look, frequent visits to the barber are required.

 5. The Side Part

Overview: A classic side part is clean, professional, and incredibly versatile. It’s suitable for any occasion.

Difficulty for Hairdresser: Easy  

The side part is straightforward and involves basic cutting techniques.

Difficulty for Men: Easy to Moderate  

Styling involves creating a defined part and possibly using a bit of product for hold and shine. It’s simple but requires some effort.

Unique Challenges: Maintaining the Part  

Keeping the part in place can be tricky, especially with thicker hair.

 6. The Taper Fade

Overview: The taper fade combines a gradual fade on the sides and back with longer hair on top. It’s sleek and modern.

Difficulty for Hairdresser: High  

Achieving a smooth, gradual fade requires precision and skill. Not every barber can execute a perfect taper fade.

Difficulty for Men: Moderate  

Styling involves managing the longer top hair with product, but the fade itself is low-maintenance once cut.

Unique Challenges: Consistency in Fade  

Regular barber visits are necessary to maintain the fade, as it can quickly lose its sharpness.

 7. The Buzz Cut

Overview: The buzz cut is the ultimate low-maintenance style. It’s short, cool, and rugged.

Difficulty for Hairdresser: Easy  

A basic clipper cut, the buzz cut is simple and quick to perform.

Difficulty for Men: Easy  

No daily styling is required, making it perfect for those who prefer minimal grooming.

Unique Challenges: Facial Shape Consideration  

This style exposes the face completely, so it’s best for those with a well-defined jawline.

 Choosing the Right Style

Selecting the right haircut involves considering factors like lifestyle, hair type, and face shape. Here are some tips:

Consult with a Skilled Barber: A good barber can help choose and tailor a haircut to suit individual needs and preferences.

Consider Maintenance Levels: Some styles require more upkeep than others. Be realistic about how much time you (or your partner) are willing to spend on daily grooming.

Experiment and Adapt: Don’t be afraid to try something new. Hair grows back, and experimenting can lead to finding the perfect style.

Choosing the right hairstyle can boost confidence and enhance one’s appearance. Whether it’s the timeless crew cut or the sophisticated slicked-back undercut, there’s a style out there for every man over 40. 

By blending timeless style with modern trends, these haircuts offer the perfect balance for men over 40. Embrace the opportunity to refresh and revitalize your look with these top choices for 2024.

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