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Whether you’re marketing a new local business or service or trying to reach out to your current audience, having quality videos is an incredible way to get your message across. With video trending upwards in recent years, it’s important to find a great videographer for your needs—so we’ve compiled four factors you should consider before hiring a videographer.

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The Professional Abilities of the Videographer

When hiring a local videographer, you should consider the professional abilities of the person you’re hiring. Make sure to view their portfolio and read reviews to get an idea of their skills. You should also ask if they have any experience with the type of video you’re looking to have made. For example, if you want a wedding video, ensure they have experience filming weddings. If you want a video of an event, ensure they have experience filming events. Their portfolio and examples of their work can provide a better idea of the types of videos they produce.

Hiring Local

You’ll often get more for your money if you hire a local videographer. Local videographers will have all their tools and equipment with them, and they probably know the area well enough to help get any permits and other essential details that a traveler might have trouble with. Hiring someone from your community is also a great way to put money back into the local economy and support people in the area.

Number of Videographers

Depending on your project, you may want multiple cameras or multiple videographers. More than one camera can provide multiple angles of the same footage, which can be useful in situations where you want to see more than one person’s face or point-of-view (i.e., talking-head interviews).

Equipment Needs

Quality equipment is a critical component of any successful video production. While professional videographers don’t need the highest-end gear to produce high-quality video, you will want to ask if they provide their own lighting and sound equipment—and, if so, how they recommend using it. Consider the audio and lighting equipment you’ll need before hiring a videographer to ensure that they can produce footage of the highest quality.


As with any service, you’ll want to consider the cost of hiring a videographer. Prices can vary depending on the length and type of video you’re looking to have made, as well as the experience of the videographer. When considering the cost, be sure to also factor in any other associated costs, such as travel expenses or covering a meal.

Looking for a videographer in your area? Make sure you consider these key components.