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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73170
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In the bustling heart of Norman, Oklahoma, The Railhouse stands not just as an event space, but as a beacon of hope and joy, meticulously nurtured by owner and operator Kendall Rogers. Kendall’s unique journey intertwines her skills as an event planner with her profound experiences as a therapist, crafting a narrative that extends beyond mere business into the realm of healing and communal celebration.

We recently had the privilege to chat with Kendall, as she shared how The Railhouse offers our community an avenue to celebrate life’s joys against the backdrop of her day-to-day encounters with stories of struggle and resilience.

From College Dreams to Event Themes

Kendall’s path to The Railhouse was anything but direct. Her collegiate years in Norman introduced her to the event planning world with Box Talent, setting the stage for a varied career that would eventually lead her back to her roots. However, it was her profession as a therapist, where she spent years being part of people’s stories of sadness and struggle, that instilled in her a deep yearning to partake in their moments of joy and celebration.

“I’ve spent the last 10 years sitting with everyone in their sadness. I want to sit with people in their happiness as well. I want to celebrate the big milestones, not just learn how to process the traumas.”

This profound desire to bring joy and healing into people’s lives was the driving force behind Kendall’s decision to take over The Railhouse, seeing it as the perfect venue to bring her vision to life.

I’ve spent the last 10 years sitting with everyone in their sadness. I want to sit with people in their happiness as well. I want to celebrate the big milestones, not just learn how to process the traumas.

Kendall Rogers

A Dream Materialized

Upon stepping into The Railhouse, Kendall envisioned more than just an event space; she saw a sanctuary where people could celebrate life’s most precious moments. The transformation of The Railhouse into a 200 person venue (when tables and chairs are set up) for weddings, corporate events, and community gatherings was a labor of love.

Her unique background allows her to create deeply meaningful experiences that cater to the emotional well-being of her clients and their guests. By prioritizing joy, connection, and community in every event she plans, she leverages her therapeutic insights to foster environments where people can truly celebrate and find happiness. 

“It’s the first thing that I think about when my feet hit the ground in the morning. It’s the first thing that’s never felt like work, even though it’s really, really hard work, right? Still, my favorite part is when the energy in the room starts up and people begin to connect, and you see the joy and the spark of YES.”


A Family Affair: The Community of The Railhouse

Kendall’s vision for The Railhouse is deeply rooted in her belief in the power of community and family. Her family’s involvement in the business, from her son Carson’s and daughter Lila’s creative contributions to her husband Josh’s unwavering support, exemplifies the family spirit that defines The Railhouse. 

This family-centric approach extends to the Norman community, making every event at The Railhouse feel like a homecoming. Following in her mom’s caring footsteps, Lila, now 14, has run her non-profit LBL (Little Bit of Love) since she was 10. (Great job, Mama!)

Beyond the Venue: Envisioning The Railhouse’s Future

Kendall’s aspirations for The Railhouse go beyond its current success. She is passionate about securing The Railhouse’s place as the official host for SEC tailgates, an initiative that promises to bring a new level of excitement and unity to the community. Sharing Norman’s love with incoming SEC fans exemplifies the Okie welcoming spirit.

This ambition to intertwine The Railhouse more deeply with Norman’s cultural and social fabric is a testament to Kendall’s dedication to her community. Through her work, she aims to create spaces where joy and connection flourish, underscoring her belief in the therapeutic power of communal celebration.


Looking Ahead 

As Kendall looks to the future, her hopes for Norman’s event scene are bright. From weddings to watch parties, and galas to get-togethers, The Railhouse is more than an event space; it’s Norman’s place to connect, uplift, and re-inject some community into our beautiful community.

The Railhouse is what can be achieved when passion meets purpose. For your next event, reach out to Kendall and the team at The Railhouse, and let them take your event from ho-hum to holy cow. 

To get in touch, check out their featured business profile below, or you can find The Railhouse on social media at:

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Amy Singleton is a contributing author and online editor for Whirlocal South OKC, Moore, and Norman. She’s the host of the Queen Lead Podcast, a motivational & marketing keynote speaker, and the CEO at HITE.

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