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Seda Law Firm, located in the heart of South Oklahoma City, is a guiding light for individuals and families seeking to secure their future through comprehensive estate planning and probate services without being overwhelmed with the legal mumbo-jumbo. Led by down-to-earth local attorney Roberto Seda, the firm’s journey since its founding in 2019 reflects a commitment to community service and a proactive approach to legal counsel. 

We recently had the privilege to talk with Roberto about the significance of estate planning and probate and what they’re really all about.

The Importance of Estate Planning

Estate planning can be a bit intimidating, but it’s vital for financial and legal preparedness. Roberto emphasizes the “necessary evil” of probate in the context of real estate and inheritance, highlighting the peace of mind that comes from proactive estate planning. Through his practice, Roberto aims to navigate clients away from the potential for conflict and financial loss that can arise from not being prepared.

One of the biggest lies about estate planning is that it’s reserved for the rich or affluent. Roberto dismantles this notion, making sure estate planning is accessible for families and individuals across all economic backgrounds. Whether it’s a modest home or a significant investment portfolio, estate planning offers protection and clarity for everyone involved. It doesn’t take as much “money in the bank” as you think to need an estate plan. Otherwise, your family might end up in expensive & lengthy courtrooms over a small bank account & your home.

To help clients determine if they need an estate plan, Seda Law Firm shared this:

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, it’s crucial to consider creating an estate plan tailored to your unique needs and goals.

Personal Approach to Estate Planning

“At the heart of my practice is a desire to help people plan ahead, to avoid the pitfalls that come with not having a plan in place.”


His approach is deeply personal, informed by his own experiences and the desire to offer clients the same level of care and foresight he applies to his own family’s estate planning. This is especially dear to Roberto’s heart given his own background in real estate & the fact that his wife is a successful OKC realtor too. They have seen way too many probate issues when buying & selling real estate for their beloved clients. This client-centered philosophy is a cornerstone of Seda Law Firm, setting it apart in the legal landscape.

The Difference Between Wills and Trusts

A crucial aspect of Roberto’s practice is educating clients on the distinction between wills and trusts. He clarifies:

“While many believe that having a will is enough to avoid probate, the reality is quite different. Trusts offer a more streamlined, effective way to manage and distribute assets without the need for court intervention.”

This education empowers clients to make informed decisions that best suit their needs and circumstances. Basically, if you have a will, great! But that doesn’t mean your family won’t end up in court.

Guidance Through the Estate Planning Process

The value of professional guidance in estate planning cannot be overstated. Roberto and his team personalize each estate plan, ensuring it aligns with the unique needs, values, and goals of their clients. This bespoke approach demystifies the estate planning process, making it an accessible and rewarding endeavor for all involved. “There’s such a sigh of relief when the process is all said & done.” Roberto said, “Then we follow up with our clients to ensure the estate plan is always up to date as their lives change.”

There’s such a sigh of relief when the process is all said & done.

roberto seda

Here are some helpful things to consider when estate planning:

It’s time to take action!

Roberto’s message to those contemplating estate planning is clear and compelling:

“The peace of mind that comes from having a comprehensive estate plan in place is invaluable. It’s about protecting your legacy, your family, and ensuring that your wishes are respected.”

He encourages everyone to take that first step, emphasizing the firm’s commitment to guiding clients through every stage of the process.

In the realm of estate planning and probate, Seda Law Firm stands as a dedicated advocate, educator, and ally. Their work goes way beyond legal services Their mission is to foster peace, protection, and preparation for families and individuals in South Oklahoma City and beyond.

To learn more about Seda Law Firm, check out their featured business profile below, or you can find them on Facebook here:

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