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513 SW 156th St
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73170
(405) 701-9245

Tracy Bates, COO & Co-owner HeyDay Entertainment

If you’re anything like me, you’re cautious about where & how you spend your time & dollars on entertainment these days. It’s frustrating to shell out your “fun” money on a bad experience, and it’s even worse if you don’t feel safe while you’re doing it. It’s also super important to me to not support corporate giants & to give my dollars back to local families who run businesses HERE. Am I right?? 

On the outskirts of OKC, where Moore & Norman meet, HeyDay Entertainment offers a fun and secure environment for families seeking fun and memorable experiences. Did you know that they’re LOCALLY owned? I honestly had no idea myself until recently, which is why you’re reading this now. I got to meet their amazing Marketing Manager Chloe Stevenson recently & she hooked me up with a direct line to the owner, Tracy Bates. Tracy, the COO and co-owner, was formerly a high school teacher in Norman, and she has transformed her teaching background into a leadership role that prioritizes safety and enjoyment for all the guests that come through their doors at HeyDay. 

HeyDay began as a simple laser tag and snack food concept back in the fall of 2007; But Trey Bates, Tracy’s husband and a real estate developer, saw the potential for more. Partnering with Brad Little, they expanded HeyDay into a multifaceted entertainment center, adding bowling and the upstairs in the fall of 2014.  Now, the Bates family solely owns HeyDay. What started as laser tag has grown into a huge entertainment center that includes bowling, a ropes course, mini golf, an arcade, a full restaurant, an upstairs bar and much more. 

It was important to the Bates family to have great food along with fun things to do. 

“Trey wanted real food, not just snack items, so we brought in Double Dave’s pizza. It was a nod to our college days, where Trey fell in love with their pepperoni rolls.”


The story of their love is so sweet! Trey was an OU student, and Tracy was at Texas A&M. They met while they were camp counselors at Camp Longhorn & loved to visit Double Dave’s on their dates. They always had such a great time & enjoyed the food so they wanted their fellow Oklahoman’s to have a taste of their youth. 

*Fun fact, you can go have a meal at HeyDay ANY time! You don’t have to be playing games to pop in and eat some great food in a fun atmosphere. They even informed me that the dining room is sound-proofed from the rest of the building!

Outside their great food, HeyDay is packed with activities that cater to both kids and adults. Visitors can enjoy laser tag, bowling, a ropes course, and arguably the most beautiful mini golf course in Oklahoma. The arcade offers a range of games suitable for younger children, while the 21+ lounge upstairs provides a space for adults to relax and have fun with activities like billiards and shuffleboard while enjoying the full bar service & overlooking platforms to keep an eye on the family & others downstairs. 

Special events are a staple at HeyDay. Every day of the week, they’ve got something going on. One of my personal favorites is Trivia night every Thursday. It draws a good crowd of diverse people, & it’s so much fun to banter & compete. Another interesting thing to note is that HeyDay is a great place to meet up for a blind date. Ya know, that Tinder or Facebook person that you’ve never met IRL (in real life) is always a risk in a bar or a dark place. HeyDay’s upstairs bar is well lit & well attended by caring bartenders. They also have security on site during busy hours.

This spot is a popular choice for corporate team-building events, too… Imagine shooting your boss in a game of laser tag… over and over and over… Lol.  Don’t forget about their birthday parties. It seems like every kiddo I know has had at least one of their birthdays at HeyDay. A community staple right here in our own backyard. They’re so committed to their community & serving our kids & families that they run Summer camps for kids for 3 weeks in June & July, offering an affordable Monday-Thursday of activities and fun for our kiddos while they’re out of school.

Safety is a top priority at HeyDay. Tracy emphasizes, “We want parents to feel confident that their kids are safe here. Our staff is well-trained, and we have security measures in place to ensure a secure environment.”

HeyDay’s commitment to the community extends beyond providing a safe place for fun. Their team is super important to them. Consisting of family & those who have become family, they love providing jobs & opportunities to the nearly 40 team members it takes to run HeyDay on their busiest days. Their focus on employee growth is evident in stories like that of Kevin, who started making pizzas and is now the longest tenured employee as the facilities and technical director.

HeyDay’s supportive environment encourages staff to develop their skills and advance within the company. They have also collaborated with local schools and organizations to employ individuals with disabilities, integrating them into the team. Paul Woody, an employee who came to HeyDay through Norman North, is a shining example. He started with basic tasks and has become an essential part of the team, known for his dedication and positive attitude. Their location in Texas has worked with Goodwill Industries to employ individuals emerging from tough life circumstances as well. 

Paul Woody, employee extraordinaire!

We want parents to feel confident that their kids are safe here.

There’s always something going on at HeyDay, like The Dad Jokes Wall, scheduled for June 13–16, that invites visitors to share their best dad jokes. Summer drink menus and pop-up events like face painting and temporary tattoos keep the atmosphere lively and engaging throughout Father’s Day weekend. 

Tracy’s transition from teaching to running the family business of HeyDay is an authentic example of her dedication to providing a memorable experience for local & out-of-town guests. She and Trey have poured their hearts into creating a place where families can make lasting memories. “It’s always been important to Trey and myself to provide a memorable experience for people in our lives,” Tracy says. 

Ready to Visit?

HeyDay Entertainment stands out as a fun, safe place for families in Norman. With a wide range of activities, a commitment to safety, and a welcoming atmosphere, it’s the perfect destination for both regular visits and special occasions. Tracy and her team invite you to come and experience all that HeyDay has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with the kids, a unique venue for a corporate event, or a safe place for your next Tinder date, HeyDay has something for everyone.

They have 3 locations: 2 in Oklahoma, with this one in Norman, and one right outside the theater in downtown OKC, called Revolutions. They also have a Texas location in Denison. Find them on their featured business profile below.

You can also find them on social media here:

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