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A new tradition is taking root in our town, one that promises to kindle the spirit of community and showcase the “Moore Strong” resilience and joy that define this city. Leading the charge is Kim Brown, President & CEO of the Moore Chamber of Commerce, whose vision for the inaugural Grillstock BBQ competition & music festival is not just about food and fun—it’s a mission to bind the community together and begin to rewrite Moore’s story.


Grillstock is the first KCBS (Kansas City Barbeque Society) sanctioned event in the Moore Metro Area, drawing pitmasters from all over the country to showcase their incredible skills at preparing what KCBS calls “America’s Cuisine.”

Scheduled for September 13th and 14th, 2024, at Buck Thomas Park, Grillstock ’24 is not just any event. It is the embodiment of Moore’s heart and soul, a place where smiles are rekindled, and the aroma of barbecue brings people closer. It’s been a tough few years of disconnection behind us…This event, with its blend of competition, entertainment, and community engagement, is a step towards the goal of bringing us all back together.

The highlights:

  • Music and Live Entertainment: Live music sets the backdrop for the festival, offering entertainment and enhancing the community vibe.
  • Kid’s Q Competition: A grilling contest for kids, split into two age brackets, where the younger group grills hamburgers and the older group grills steaks to show off your family’s chops!
  • Chili Cook-off: We take our chili seriously around here too! I’m sure the competition will get a bit “spicy.”
  • Food Trucks and Vendors: A selection of food trucks will offer a variety of dining options, including at least two BBQ trucks. You won’t leave hungry!
  • Local Vendors: Local businesses and artisans will showcase and sell their products. Support local and get a deal at the same time!
  • Games and Activities: Engaging activities like cornhole and kids’ play areas are planned. Fun for the whole family.
  • Beer Garden: What is a BBQ day in the park without a cold brew? An adult area to enjoy a variety of beers, adding to the festival’s celebratory atmosphere.

The Vision Behind Grillstock ’24

Kim Brown’s commitment to this event is rooted in a deep love for her community. “We’re showing the world who Moore is,” she states, envisioning Grillstock as a beacon of joy and unity. The festival, free for attendees on September 14th, features a BBQ competition sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society, which will not only bring our community together, but also draw new people to our state to experience our awesome culture & community.

Kim has had a hard time accepting the fact that Moore is widely known for our tornadoes. Several times in the past, our town has had massive, record breaking tornadoes that made national news. When people are looking at communities to bring their families & businesses to, this knowledge can be a deterrent. Those of us who live here know how rarely those things happen, and what really happens when this town experiences a crisis of any kind. The Moore Strong Spirit rises to the surface, and we link arms to support one another & recover better than before.

“If it’s the last thing I do sitting in this Chamber of Commerce CEO seat, I’ll change the perspective that people have of Moore.”

Kim Brown, President/ceo Moore chamber of commerce

Bringing the Community Together

More than just a competition, Grillstock ’24 is a family event. From the Kid’s Q and Chili Cook-off to the variety of vendors and live music, there’s something for everyone. Kim emphasizes the importance of inclusivity,

“The Chamber of Commerce isn’t just for business—we’re the community’s resource on everything.”


Kim says that people do (and can) call the Chamber to learn about the who, what, where, why, and when of the community, so they want to know the citizens of this town, not just the businesses. Bringing the local business community together is something the chamber already does, but bringing the people of this community together with those businesses is a new goal she’s championing.

There’s been a big push by people to be more self-sustaining in our local neighborhoods, so it makes sense that the Chamber of Commerce would be a catalyst for introducing the local businesses to the people who want to know them. The more we can get to know, like, & trust the people of this community, the less “big business” will win.

The Heart of Moore

Kim Brown’s dedication to her community shines through her efforts to make Grillstock ’24 a reality. She speaks of Moore’s resilience, its capacity for joy and unity, even in the face of past adversities. This event is a celebration of that spirit, an opportunity for Moore to show off its strengths and revel in the simple pleasures of good food, good music, and great company.

What to Expect at Grillstock ’24

Attendees can look forward to a rich program over two days, with the VIP night setting the stage for a weekend of celebration. The BBQ competition is the highlight, featuring categories for professionals and amateurs alike, including a special segment for children. “It’s the sauce that brings our community together,” Kim jests. It’s also important to know that the BBQ being cooked in the competition won’t be available to the public. Those cuts are reserved for the judges, so they can determine the winners of the prizes! The organizers recognize, however, that nobody can resist that delicious smell, so they’re arranging for several food trucks to be there for the event, including some well-vetted BBQ trucks!

Let’s get Cooking!

Kim Brown and the Moore Chamber of Commerce extend a heartfelt invitation to everyone. Whether you’re a pitmaster, a local vendor, or someone looking for a weekend of fun, Grillstock ’24 is the place to be. “We also need you, the public, to attend in September!” Kim urges, highlighting the event’s need for community support to thrive.

Looking to the Future

With hopes of making Grillstock a multi-day event in the future, Kim Brown is setting the stage for an annual tradition that will continue to enrich Moore’s community fabric. She dreams of an event that not only showcases the city’s culinary talents but also its heart, resilience, and unity.

Grillstock ’24 stands as a symbol of Moore’s communal spirit, a testament to the city’s ability to come together in celebration and support. As the smoke rises and the music plays year after year, it will be clear that this is more than just a barbecue competition—it’s a declaration of Moore’s identity, strength, and enduring community bonds.

Join us at Buck Thomas Park this September to be part of a new chapter in Moore’s story, where food, fun, and fellowship remind us all of the joy of community. Buck Thomas has been fully reserved for this event, so there will be plenty of parking. Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, ears for music, and appetites for food & vendors.

To learn more about the Moore Chamber of Commerce, visit their featured business profile below. To learn more about the upcoming Grillstock ’24 even go HERE.

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