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That’s a LOT of P’s… But, truly, Spartan knows POOLS. Right here in Norman, Spartan Pool & Patio has become the gold standard of quality outdoor living. I recently had the pleasure to sit down with the owners, brothers Jordan Demeter and Sam Stroud, to find out how they’ve propelled Spartan from its humble beginnings into a leading name in backyard transformations. Dive into the deep end with me (lol, I know, I’m a new-ish pro writer, you’re gonna get a few puns) as we explore their journey of turning their MLB playing Grandfather’s leap of faith- into a thriving family legacy. 


The seeds for Spartan Pool & Patio were sown by their grandfather, Don Demeter, (yeah, bruh… this is his Wiki page!) a professional baseball player with the World Series winning ‘59 L.A. Dodgers who, after hanging up his cleats, turned his competitive drive towards creating backyard sanctuaries. He was approached by a pool company to put a franchise back home in Oklahoma, and that’s how it all began.

“Starting with just a part-time gig, it grew into a full-time deal, and he probably built over a thousand pools, doing it for 40 years,” Jordan shares, acknowledging his grandfather’s enduring legacy and the foundation it laid for Spartan Pool & Patio’s commitment to quality and community. This blend of family history and dedication to craft has set the stage for Spartan’s mission: to create not just pools but lasting memories—and now a real legacy for their team & the families and communities whose spaces they transform

They’re Your Pool Guy For Life

Over the years, Spartan has expanded into retail, marked by their recent introduction of hot tubs and the previous acquisition of a longstanding local retailer, Thompson Pool & Patio. They not only build and remodel pools, but they’re committed to being your “pool guy” for life. Whether they’re maintaining your equipment or you’re getting their DIY help on balancing chemicals in their store, they’re not going anywhere. You can get your floaties and have your plaster maintained (a BIG misunderstanding in the pool world, apparently) from a family who cares. Creating outdoor spaces where their neighbors want to spend their time, and then supporting them in those efforts, is at the forefront of Spartan’s mission. 

Concretely Committed to Community

Sorry, the puns aren’t gonna stop. Spartan’s pivot to specializing in only concrete pools underscores a dedication to quality and sustainability. But beyond the materials and methods lies a deeper connection to the Norman community. 

Their commitment to community isn’t just external; it’s woven into the fabric of their team dynamics. It’s super important to the brothers to focus on job creation and career advancement. Jordan thinks about his team for a moment & says, on the topic of how advanced they all are at their craft:

“It’s getting to be really fun… I don’t think I’ve got rose-colored glasses in saying this…We’ve got the best group of people working at a pool company in Oklahoma for sure, if not the region. Just incredible people that have come here. And it’s not because we’re doing anything necessarily right.

It’s just the Lord has brought really good people here. And I think the service that they extend to our customers is just because they’re fantastic people who really want to do well.”

We’ve got the best group of people working at a pool company in Oklahoma for sure”


Spartan fosters a nurturing environment where employees grow professionally and personally. Their ethos ensures every team member is valued, promoting a culture of respect, learning, and teamwork that drives the company’s success, and helps them to retain the best talent in the business. Isn’t that what every person is looking for at work? Their 60 person team would agree… 

Some of the Spartan Crew!

Oklahoma Gets Trends Late, But Now We Know! 

At the heart of Spartan’s success is bringing to Oklahoman’s something we never thought possible. Oklahoma is notoriously “behind” when it comes to mass knowledge of design trends or luxury items… But things are changing, & Spartan is here to make outdoor oasis dreams come true.

Jordan muses; “People are watching HGTV. We’ve all got Pinterest. Everybody sees the possibilities of what you can do in your backyard now.

Everybody wants that. So we’ve had the chance to then walk through some really fun stuff with people who beforehand would have just been thrilled to get a rectangle in the ground and fill it with water, which is great. We’ll still do that.

But there are little things that you can now do that don’t cost a whole lot, and they totally transform the finished product, make it feel really high-end, and just make you feel really good about being in that space when we’ve completed the project. So it’s shifted and changed a lot. It really has.”

People are watching HGTV. We’ve all got Pinterest… Everybody sees it now. Everybody wants that.

From the innovative beginnings inspired by their World Series-winning grandfather to their expansion into a full-service pool and patio powerhouse, Spartan has seamlessly woven the fabric of family, quality, and community into every project they work on.

I asked Jordan if it’s too late for a pool project, & the answer from him was clear: “It’s never too late.” With a blend of humor and candor, he reassured that even a late start can lead to swimming by Halloween, thanks to their dedicated team and the magic of pool heaters. The unpredictable Oklahoma weather is no match for their commitment to delivering dream pools, proving that at Spartan, the season for pool building is always now.

Has an in-ground pool (the epitome of wealth to a kid from Moore in the 80s) been on your mind?? Jordan offers you some wise advice: start with their handy online calculator for a ballpark estimate, then move on to their personal consultation to tailor the pool of your dreams. It’s a lot to understand the terrain, access, and your personal preferences, so they really need to come see your space.

Their design process, incredibly supported by an in-house architect, ensures that each project is a bespoke creation, reflecting the homeowner’s vision, style, and the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces. “So it doesn’t look like, well, here’s mid-century inside the house and then we’re going rustic outside.” Jordan laughs. 

Our conversation delved into the nitty-gritty of pool construction, from the importance of wall thickness to the intricacies of where the plumbing is and what kind of plastering is done. Do you all remember the way the public pools would ravage your toes in the summer? There’s a reason for that!  Suffice it to say, you don’t want just anyone doing this job. I’ve heard horror stories of half-finished projects & deposits taken without work being completed.  

But Spartan’s commitment to excellence is evident in their materials, techniques, and the quality of their people. Their meticulous attention to detail means that every single pool is not only a place of relaxation and joy but something the family will enjoy for generations to come. 

From construction to maintenance, Spartan is designed to make pool ownership a joy, not a chore. Their approachable team, availability for help in store, and the promise of a real long-term relationship set them apart. They’re not just about building a pool but about creating a lasting partnership with this community. 

For those in Norman looking to transform their backyards into personalized retreats (or for larger commercial pool needs), Spartan Pool & Patio emerges as the go-to experts. With a Major League Legacy rooted in quality, a commitment to community, and a keen eye for design, they offer a seamless blend of technical excellence and personal touch. Whether it’s a new build or a remodel, Spartan ensures that every project is a deep dive into poolside perfection. Last pun.

To learn more about Spartan Pool & Patio, contact them on their featured business profile below, or check them out on their socials at:

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Amy Singleton is a contributing author and online editor for Whirlocal South OKC, Moore, and Norman. She’s the host of the Queen Lead Podcast, a motivational & marketing keynote speaker, and the CEO at HITE.

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