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I can’t think of anything I love MORE than when someone else does things FOR me. If I could work that into my budget for most daily tasks, I probably would… In South Oklahoma City, on the East side of Chatenay Square, Stretch Zone is redefining what it means to age gracefully & make more use of our bodies, no matter our age. That’s something we can all appreciate!

Stretch Zone is not exactly a therapy office nor is it a typical fitness center (no, it is not really dfy Yoga, though it’s been described as such by clients.) With a unique focus on stretching those muscles most of us never activate, it’s a place where generations converge for the sake of health and well-being. 

I was sitting in their waiting area and spoke with a client. “I came in yesterday to try it,” says my new friend, an active, smiling 74-year-old woman.  “…and it was so phenomenal, I decided to bring Mom in for a stretch.” She told me how wonderful she’d felt as she gestured to her also active, nearly 100 year old Mother. We chatted a little more while witnessing a near body-builder sized man and a healthy young woman in her 30s both receive their pro-stretch sessions. 

I came in yesterday to try it, and it was so phenomenal I decided to bring Mom in for a stretch!

74 year old stretch zone client

Caring from the Middle

It’s a scenario almost every one of us middle-aged guys & gals will face: balancing care for active children or teens, and our increasingly dependent parents. Stretch Zone stands out as a real kind of support, providing targeted, practitioner-assisted stretching services that cater to all ages. This isn’t just about getting a good stretch before or after a run; it’s about enhancing life’s quality through improved flexibility and strength. 

Studies have proven that with stretching, we increase our range of motion and therefore our strength, stability & stamina. “We serve people from teen athletes, to folks looking to improve their golf swing, to the elderly. Everyone can benefit from stretching.” Christian Hanly, General Manager.

Christian Hanly: A Beacon of Preventative Health

At the helm of this innovative venture is Science Genius & National Merit Scholar (and OU Grad!) Christian Hanly, who combines his extensive health science knowledge with a genuine passion for preventive wellness. Christian’s philosophy is simple yet profound: “It’s almost like having someone do yoga for you, but with more smiles and fewer pretzels.” Stretch Zone’s programs are meticulously designed. Utilizing our patented and proprietary equipment, Stretch Zone practitioners follow specific protocols to properly position, stabilize, and manipulate muscles using powerful principles of neuromuscular behavior.

It’s almost like having someone do yoga for you, but with more smiles and fewer pretzels.


Why Stretching? Insights from the Expert

“Stretching isn’t just about reaching your toes,” Christian explains, “It’s about reloading your ability to perform daily tasks with ease, whether that’s chasing your grandkids or swinging a golf club.” The technique used here is gentle yet effective, focusing on muscle stress reactions that promote subtle strengthening alongside flexibility improvements. 

While traditional stretching methods attempt to make you more “flexible,” Stretch Zone’s staff works with your body to adjust the stretch reflex. This method gradually increases your active range of motion. If you think about how a car seatbelt works, pulled too quickly, it locks. If it’s forced, you are just stretching
the material itself, and that’s where injury happens. When a car seatbelt is pulled smoothly and controlled, the belt will fully extend. It’s the same with your body’s stretch reflex. 

Transformative Stories of Mobility and Confidence

The impact of Stretch Zone’s services is vivid in the stories shared by its clients. Take, for instance, an octogenarian who regained enough mobility to dance at his granddaughter’s wedding, or the middle-aged office warrior who found relief from back pain and improved his golf swing. These stories aren’t just testimonials; they are proof of actual day-to day life-changing benefits.

“Excellent Place! Been suffering from sciatica, I decided to try something different since surgery is not a path I wanted to explore… Every time I go I have a boost of energy & sciatica pain is less and less. Best investment I’ve made for my issue”

Satisfied Client

More Than Just Stretching: A Community Pillar

Stretch Zone’s commitment extends beyond the walls of its facility. The center is a vital part of the community, educating the public about the benefits of proactive health management. “We’re here not just to provide a service, but to build a support network that spans generations,” says Christian. Each Stretch Zone location participates in giving to local charity organizations and their corporate team banded together to provide essential supplies & deliver relief to affected areas of Florida during Hurricane Ian. 

Your Invitation to Try Stretch Zone

Curious onlookers and all you skeptical minds are encouraged to book a consultation or trial session to witness firsthand the benefits of Stretch Zone. It’s more than a stretch for your health; it’s a step towards sustained independence and enhanced life quality for you and your loved ones.

Securing a Safer Tomorrow

“Our mission is clear,” Christian concludes, “We aim to empower our clients to maintain their independence through effective, accessible stretching strategies. Most people aren’t getting this kind of care, but here, we make it a priority.” By choosing Stretch Zone, families are not only taking a stand against the perils of aging but are also investing in a future where every movement is secure and full of potential. 

To get in touch with the rockstars at Stretch Zone, visit their featured business profile below. You can also check them out on Facebook here:

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