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Outdoor lighting can make a huge difference in your yard at night. Whether you want to show off your landscaping or host your friends under the stars, understanding the different types of lights is the first step in choosing the ideal outdoor lighting for your home.

1. Spotlights

Spotlights are the original type of outdoor lighting. This style of lighting primarily draws attention to your landscaping. For instance, a spotlight could be used to draw attention to a water feature, statement tree, or your house itself. With these lights, you can apply a variety of spotlighting methods, including silhouetting, lighting a night space, countryside lighting, shadowing, and others.

2. Floodlights

Floodlights fill a certain area of the landscape with a lot of light. This type of lighting is often used by people to increase the security of their homes. Floodlights typically include motion sensors that enable them to switch on when there is close activity, and they are very bright.

3. Well Lights

Well lights are lights you mostly see fitted on ground level. These installments, also referred to as in-grade lights, are primarily installed underground for a sleek, flush look. They are typically seen on hardscapes or areas with heavy foot traffic.

4. Path Lights

Path lights are used outdoors to illuminate where people walk. These lights are placed along walkways to brighten the way and improve visibility at night. Typically, path lights are downward-facing lights that cast light onto a walking path. Solar-powered path lights are widely available and can be affordable options for your landscape.

5. String Lights

One of the most common current outdoor trends is string lighting. These lights are generally similar to Christmas lights but often contain bigger bulbs and heavier-duty cords. String lights are used to decorate fences, patios, decks, pergolas, and more. This type of soft lighting is popular for hosting outdoor get-togethers.

Landscaping lighting gives your home a distinctive quality that can be both fashionable and functional at night. Contact a local landscape lighting contractor to start planning your next project!