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In the heart of Moore, lies a place that embodies not just the essence of final farewells but also the profound journey of healing and community connection. Moore Funeral and Cremation, under the compassionate leadership of Marine Corps Veteran Megan Dorman, stands as a testament to the power of empathy and personal touch in the sometimes controversial funeral service industry.

A Calling Born from Personal Loss

Megan’s path to the funeral service industry was shaped by personal tragedy. The loss of her best friend at the tender age of 13 sparked a lifelong quest for understanding and compassion. When she saw her friend at the funeral, she appeared so peaceful, like she was sleeping, & it gave Megan so much comfort, but it left her curious. “What happened to my friend?” she thought out loud. This profound experience, contrasted with the funeral of a grandparent years later, solidified her resolve to ensure peace and closure for grieving families. “I wanted to know what happened. Then a few years later, I had a grandparent pass, and they looked awful at their funeral.” Megan reflects, illustrating her early motivation. She wanted to ensure that nobody else had to experience the pain of seeing their loved one not look at rest. 

I wanted to know what happened. Then a few years later, I had a grandparent pass, and they looked awful at their funeral.

Megan Dorman

Philosophy of Compassionate Support

Moore Funeral and Cremation extends its care far beyond the traditional services, touching the lives of locals in deeply personal ways. Megan has woven herself into the fabric of the Moore community, especially with families who have faced the unimaginable loss of a child. Her genuine care and dedication have seen her welcomed into moments of joyous arrival of new ‘rainbow babies,’ symbolizing hope after a storm of grief.

One particular story that stands out involves the funeral of a young husband, where Megan’s attention to detail and profound empathy led the widow’s family to believe that Megan and the widow were old friends. This level of personalized care not only showcases the depth of Megan’s commitment but also the funeral home’s mission to provide a comforting and understanding hand to those navigating through their darkest hours.

Megan ensures that every family is treated with compassion & grace, as well as delighted with stellar service. They provide slide-show arrangements for everyone as well as live-streaming of the services free of charge. They always try to go above & beyond by getting to know the families and the passed away loved ones as well as they can to provide a personalized touch. 

She & her team further recognize the lack of transparency & the public perception of their industry in some areas. That’s why they’re careful to closely follow all of their highly regulated policies & procedures to ensure a fair & compassionate experience for those they serve. Full price lists, extremely helpful documents & stacks of resources are provided to everyone they meet in full transparency & helpfulness.

Facing Challenges with Grace

Navigating the funeral industry presents its own unique set of challenges, from altering public perceptions to addressing the personal toll taken on professionals. People can be very hurtful when they’re hurt; but Megan’s approach, rooted in transparency, education, and openness, seeks to demystify the funeral process for families while fostering a compassionate space for mourning and celebration of life. Megan says she knows people are often having the worst days of their lives so she never takes anything personally. Her husband, also an experienced funeral director, grew up in the industry, so he’s always there with comfort & understanding when the days get heavy. 

Engagement Beyond Goodbyes A Special Invitation: Joining Hands Under the Eclipse

Highlighting the importance of community connection, Moore Funeral and Cremation actively participates in events like a yearly day of remembrance for anyone who has lost a loved one at any time in the past. Whether they serviced your loved one’s funeral or not, they welcome you to come and honor your family & friends together, fostering a bond with the community beyond the immediate context of grief. (Follow them on Facebook to see when this year’s date will be announced.) These unique events and outreach efforts underscore the funeral home’s commitment to being a pillar of support and engagement in the Moore community. 

In a unique gesture of community engagement and shared wonder, Moore Funeral and Cremation is set to host a Solar Eclipse Watch Party on April 8, 2024, from 12pm-3pm. You can find more information HERE. This event is more than just an invitation to witness a celestial phenomenon; it’s an open call for the community of Moore to come together, to find connection, joy, and perhaps a moment of solace under the grandeur of the cosmos. This invitation reflects the warmth and inclusivity that Megan and her team want to extend to everyone in Moore. Megan knows the importance of forming relationships with community members well before their time of need, stating, Megan is here to get to know you & your family, to be here for you when you inevitably need her. 

A Beacon of Compassion and Community

Through Megan’s leadership, Moore Funeral and Cremation has become more than a funeral home; it’s a beacon of compassion, support, and community engagement here in Moore. Megan’s dedication to transforming the funeral service experience into one of understanding, peace, and personal connection is a testament to the healing power of her empathy, which started in her childhood. As Moore Funeral and Cremation continues to serve as a pillar of support, its doors remain open not just in times of farewell, but as an enduring presence of comfort and connection in the community. Stop by and see Megan today.

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Amy Singleton is a contributing author and online editor for Whirlocal South OKC, Moore, and Norman. She’s the host of the Queen Lead Podcast, a motivational & marketing keynote speaker, and the CEO at HITE.

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