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As a pet-owner, you know that pets are an important part of the family. But what is the best way to make your home safer and more welcoming for them? Here are five tips on how you can make your home more pet-friendly and make life easier for both you and your companion.

1. Keep Flooring in Mind

It’s important to keep your home’s flooring in mind when it comes to your pet. Carpeting is generally not recommended for pet owners as it can be difficult to clean and maintain. Hardwood and tile floors are easier to keep clean, but hardwood is more prone to scratching. If you have carpet, be sure to vacuum thoroughly and regularly to keep it from collecting hair or foul odors. If you have hardwood, be sure to keep your pet’s nails trimmed so they don’t scratch the surface.

2. Hide Your Electrical Cords

Exposed cords and cables for your devices can be very dangerous for pets, and especially dogs. If you have exposed cords, try to hide them in a safe place or use a cable protector to cover them so they stay out of your pet’s way (and their mouth).

3. Use Trash Cans With Lids

It’s important that your trash cans are closed with a lid and/or sealed so your pets don’t get into your garbage. If your trash cans aren’t covered, you may come home one day to find trash strewn around your home or yard.

A gray domestic cat sits by the window and sniffs houseplants in flower pots

4. Keep Toxic Items Out of Reach

The last thing you want as a pet owner is for your pet to eat something that is toxic or otherwise harmful to them. This could include medications, certain plants, pesticides, household cleaning supplies, and more. You likely won’t know your pet ingested something harmful until they start showing symptoms like vomiting or lethargy. Lower the risk of this happening by removing any household toxins from your home—including many types of houseplants—or keeping them up out of reach. If your unsure about whether your houseplants are safe for pets, do a little research or contact your local nursery. If your pet does eat a toxic plant, go straight to the veterinarian.

5. Invest in Pet-Friendly Furniture

One of the best ways to make your home more pet-friendly is by investing in furniture that is easy to clean and difficult to damage. This could include finding chairs or couches with legs your pet can’t scratch, using slipcovers on your sofa, or avoiding light-colored furniture. A few affordable alternatives to buying new, pet-friendly furniture is to use slipcovers or look into getting existing furniture reupholstered.

Pets are a huge part of any family, but making your home safe and welcoming for them can be a little bit of work. Luckily, these few tips are little things you can easily implement to make your home safer for your furry friends.