Sometimes it can be difficult to hit the ground running and get all of your tasks done each day. Whether for work or personal tasks, there are many tools and systems that exist to help you organize your time and get the task done on time. Here are four popular tools that you might want to consider using.

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Daily Planner

One of the most popular tools for organizing daily tasks is the daily planner. This can be a physical book that you keep with you at all times, or it can be a cloud-based application on your phone or computer. The key to using a daily planner is to write down everything that you need to do each day, as well as when you need to get them done. Once you complete the task, check or cross it off and move on to the next time-sensitive task.

To-Do List

To-do lists work well for those whose day consists of many tasks but none that include a specific deadline. This tool consists of making a list, no matter how lengthy, of all the tasks you need to accomplish in your day. Add tasks as you think of them throughout the day so you don’t forget to do them when you have time.

After you finish a task, strike it out or check it off. Try adding a star or circle to prioritize tasks, or strike out with an arrow if you need to move the task to another day. To-do lists are great options for those who need to have everything written down but don’t necessarily need to have everything in order of importance or deadline.

Reminder App

Most smartphones and computers come with an electronic assistant or application that can set reminders. You simply set the reminder, add what time you need to be reminded, and describe the task. Your device will remind you to do your task when it is time.

Personal Assistant

While not a physical tool like a planner or reminder software, hiring a personal assistant can help you efficiently organize and tackle your daily tasks. Depending on the need, personal assistants can work with you in person or remotely to help you with your tasks. You might consider hiring a remote personal assistant who can tackle virtual tasks for you—such as scheduling appointments or organizing documents—while you handle your personal tasks.

Organization Tools Can Help You Get Started

While buying organization tools can help you get started, only you can make it a habit to use the tool consistently. Choosing the tool that best suits your needs can help you stick with using it and increase your productivity! Which tool on this list is your favorite? Do you have any tools to suggest?