Are you looking for ways to save energy in your home and reduce your utility bills? If the answer is yes, there are a few simple things you can do.

Replace Your Lightbulbs

One small thing you can do to make your home more energy-efficient is to replace your old lightbulbs. Replacing traditional incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient lightbulbs—like CFL (compact fluorescent lights), LED (light-emitting diode) or halogen bulbs—will help you save energy and money. They also last much longer on average than traditional bulbs, which means they are cheaper in the long run.

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Check Your Window and Door Seals

Your heating and/or cooling systems have to work harder (and cost you more money) when doors and windows in your home are not properly sealed or have leaks. You can save energy and money by checking your window seals to make sure they are airtight, as well as checking your doors for any drafts. If you find a draft, add weatherstripping or contact a professional contractor in your area to do the job for you.

Clean or Replace Air Filters

Your HVAC system also has to use more energy when it’s working against dirty or old air filters. As a general rule of thumb, you should replace your HVAC and furnace filters every three months. However, if you live in a dusty environment, have pets, or are sensitive to certain allergens, it’s recommended that you replace them more frequently. Fresh HVAC filters mean cleaner air and lower energy bills!

Choose Your Appliances Wisely

There are many little ways to make your home more energy-efficient, but you can help reduce your energy consumption in a bigger way by choosing energy-efficient models when you are in the market for new appliances. Look for energy-efficiency ratings on appliances and don’t be afraid to ask questions or look online for reviews. While new appliances will have a higher upfront cost, they will save you money on your energy bill over time.

If you’re looking to save energy in your home and reduce energy bills, we hope these few simple changes can help. What do you do in your home to cut down on energy usage? Let us know!