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If you work at a desk, it’s important to have a desk chair that will not only keep you comfortable all day long but also help you maintain proper posture. Let’s discuss 3 common signs that might indicate your current desk chair is too uncomfortable or bad for your posture (and why it’s worth it to get a new one).

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Back, Neck, or Shoulder Discomfort

If you find yourself experiencing pain or stiffness in your back, neck, or shoulders at the end of the workday (or even after sitting for an hour), this is likely a result of poor posture in your desk chair. Sitting in a chair that doesn’t support your body properly can lead to permanent posture issues or more serious back problems down the road.

Numbness or Tingling in Hands or Fingers

Another sign of an inadequate desk chair is numbness or tingling in your hands and fingers. Non-adjustable desk chairs don’t allow you to set your chair height in the proper place for your hands to comfortably rest on a keyboard or use a mouse for extended periods of time. Ideally, your keyboard should be about or below elbow height, but not higher. Even reaching your hands up slightly can lead to poor blood flow and tingling! Over time, poor hand posture or overuse can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis. Using a desk chair that is the right height and has adjustable armrests for your elbows can make all the difference.

Wrist or Elbow Pain

Similar to the above point, wrist or elbow pain can also be a symptom of poor posture from your desk chair. If your back and arms aren’t supported, your wrists and elbows are likely resting in the wrong position. However, you may want to first check how your keyboard and mouse are placed, as well as pay attention to how you interact with both. Sometimes the fix to wrist or elbow pain is as simple as moving your keyboard closer to you or using a cushioned mousepad.

It Just Doesn’t Feel “Right”

When you know, you know—and the same is true for desk chairs. If you just have a lingering feeling that your desk chair isn’t working well for you, there’s a good chance you’re right. Whether you find yourself fidgeting to find a comfortable position or you want to improve your posture at your desk, upgrading your desk chair to something more ergonomic can make a world of difference.

Why to Get a New Chair

You might think because your current desk chair is “fine,” has worked for years, or is in good condition that there’s no reason to change things up now—but if these symptoms are interfering with your day-to-day life, they shouldn’t be ignored. Physical pain or discomfort related to poor desk setups can worsen and cause more serious issues in the future. Do your body a favor and visit your local office furniture store today to find the fit that’s right for you!