It’s time to declutter your car and finally get it organized! It might seem like car clutter is inevitable, but there are three easy steps you can take to declutter your car in an afternoon and keep it organized moving forward.

Declutter Your Car WhirLocal

1. Remove and Toss Any Trash

If there is trash in your car, now is the time to remove all of it and throw it away. Grab a garbage bag and go through your glove box, center console, backseat pockets, and other nooks and crannies to make sure you are getting everything! Getting any and all trash out of the way will make it easier for you to reorganize and have a clean space in your car.

2. Remove Items that Have Other “Homes”

Whether it’s a box of old things you’ve been meaning to donate, some random shoes lying on the floor, or a pile of books that have been sitting in the back seat for weeks, take this as a sign to run all the errands and put away all the things that have other places to be. If it doesn’t need to be in your car and is just taking up space, take it out and give it a new location.

3. Give Remaining Items a Designated Spot in Your Car

After you’ve removed everything that doesn’t need to be in your car, the last step is to organize the things that are staying. Designate specific locations for each item so they don’t get lost, thrown around when driving, or become a magnet for more items. For example, use plastic crates to keep objects from rolling around in your trunk, or buy an insertable organizer for your center console. Make it a habit to regularly remove items that don’t belong in these designated spots.

A decluttered and organized car is achievable with a little bit of time and motivation! Which step in this process is the most difficult for you? Let us know!