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Hi there, my name is Alex, known colloquially online as Xhynk (pronounced “zinc“). I’ve been a web developer since 2010 when I started designing HTML only Golf Resort websites. My background was in Graphic Design and I’d only made a single HTML webpage in Notepad up until that point. Shortly thereafter, a small web design firm called Third River Marketing gave me a cool, looking for a web designer, so I leaped at the opportunity. After roughly a year, I realized solely designing websites wasn’t cutting it for our company, or myself, so I began teaching myself the ins and outs of WordPress development and fell in love with it. That’s when I made the transition to a full-stack developer. Now I can proudly say I’ve reached hundreds of thousands of users on Stack Exchange, aided hundreds of businesses with SaaS solutions, released multiple public WordPress plugins, and much more!

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Great Plugin

Thanks for your rapid response. Fixed the problem.

M H. Jan 22nd, 2021


This is an amazingly effective and easy to use plugin. I went out searching for some code to adapt to my pages to do this same thing. Even about to hire someone on Fiverr. And then I came across the Content Mask plugin. It does exactly what I need in two Keep Reading steps. Thank you!

David D. Sep 11th, 2020 Company Responded


Secure Passwords without a Password Manager

A shocking number of people use criminally insecure passwords on for their online accounts. Unfortunately many websites (including some financial institutions...) limit characters and password length…

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