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Testing the new Review Us Format
~ Jane D.

Thanks So Much!!

Thanks so much for replying, and quickly too - really wasn’t expecting it to be honest. So yes, I have given the iframe approach a go. The settings I had come up with were a little janky but I imple…
~ Paul H.

Great Plugin

Thanks for your rapid response. Fixed the problem.
~ M H.


This is an amazingly effective and easy to use plugin. I went out searching for some code to adapt to my pages to do this same thing. Even about to hire someone on Fiverr. And then I came across the …
~ David D.

Wow! You're Moving Fast! Very Much Appreciated!

I’ve upgraded the module and there are quite a lot of changes. I think I’ve got it, after a few quick tests! Cheers and cold beers from Romania! PS – If I found something that’s not q…
~ Razvan S.

Brilliant App

I'm currently using the content masking plugin with a iFrame
~ Mary L.

A Wonderful Concept!

I have a hard time articulating what's swirling around in my head, and Alex took the time to really extract and *understand* what I wanted. I'm super greatful for his time and effort!!
~ Tonya H.

Outstanding Time Saver!

This plug is wonderful! It works efficiently and saved me from custom coding, subdirectories, DNS changes, and more. I’m usually reluctant donate to plugins, but for this one I was more than happy t…
~ Robert T.

Must Download

This works seamlessly and the developer is extremely responsive. You can tell he cares about his products.
~ Chip M.

I Just Tested It and It Works Beautifully!

Thank you so much for pushing this upgrade out! It helps me more than you can even imagine with the way some of my affiliate funnel is set up right now. Have a phenomenal rest of your week! I deeply a…
~ Hao T.