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5 Star Review By C W

If the Whataburger in my town, Mansfield, Tx, took advice from this location, there would be a better than 2 stars as an average. This location was five stars all the way. It takes my location NO LESS than 20 minutes to get an order done, regardless of it being empty, one time I waited 40 min for a taquito and hashbrowns. This location… two taquitos, three sausage biscuits and 5 hashbrowns: about 5 minutes! This tells me that my location is being slow purposefully. At my location, they CONSTANTLY screw your order up. You can bet if you go through the drive thru it WILL be wrong so I ALWAYS double check my orders… and you can forget getting condiments unless you literally DEMAND they give you some. This location… EVERYTHING was correct, including then putting grilled onion in my taquito, something my location forgets almost half the time. They also put condiments in the bag, even though I forgot to ask bc I was in a hurry to get back to the hotel and get ready for a funeral. Basically, it is easy to see that Whataburger CAN provide great food AND GREAT SERVICE… Just not in North Texas, obviously!

C W Apr 11th, 2023 Google