True Sky Federal Credit Union

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5 Star Review By Tom Van Laningham

I belong to an out of state credit union. Their customer service could not provide me current statement transactions for a time-sensitive negotiation. They recommended asking a local affiliate, True Sky, so I went over just before closing. Tiffanie Green welcomed me into her office, listened to my story, took my account number, found the data, and emailed it directly for me along with an authorized signature. What others could not do for most of a day, she did in 15 minutes! It was then after hours. When the doors are open again, Ms Green is signing up another new True Sky member!

Tom Van Laningham Sep 20th, 2022 Google

5 Star Review By KYLE MALONE

I have been having issues trying to get on my online account. I went into the Tecumseh True Sky branch and talked with Tiffanie and Nick. Let me just say, the made it so easy. It was extremely fast both were very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. I will choose this branch over any other branch just because of the customer service.

KYLE MALONE Sep 26th, 2022 Google