The Vintage

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5 Star Review By George Moss

The soup was homemade, Cream of Broccoli, ( the Broccoli was cooked just right not mushy). My fiance had a salad also, along with a nice hamburger, ( which looked good too, some homemade sauce, with a slice of onion, fresh tomato & lettuce on an English muffin). We ate upstairs of this two story vintage home, ( it took me back to a pub we ate at in London England, that was a good feeling).

George Moss Dec 14th, 2020 Google

4 Star Review By Caprice Skotte

Honestly writing this review because I'm a little upset about our experience at the Vintage last night. It was our wedding anniversary and our first time away from our 5 month year old baby. We sat outside right away and ordered within the first 5 minutes. There was only a few other couples at the restaurant while we were there so they didn't seem busy at all. The drinks took a little while but the food took over an hour.. just for the appetizer! We got there at 6:50 and the appetizer came at 7:51. We had to take our entrees to go because our baby was fussy and it was getting close to her bed time.. we didn't get them until 8:11. And yes I know the exact timing because I was texting my parents updating them on our meal because they were watching our baby. Mind you, we had just ordered a soft pretzels app & paninis for our dinner. I can't imagine why that would take so long. Honestly we were really bummed because we were so excited for our first date night together since having our baby. We were super excited about getting the fondue for dessert but we definitely didn't have the time for that. I don't know if the server just forgot to put our order in or if the cooks took too long, but something must have happened. We were not comped for the wait or anything. The waitress did say sorry for the long wait after about 30 min but nothing after we said we will have to take it to go since our baby is at home needing us after the hour and twenty minute wait.. so that was upsetting. I guess I'm just feeling bitter about it all and feel like I need to vent. Anyways, I'm still giving a 4 star because the food was really great once we tried it at home!! The outdoor area is super cute and cozy also. I just wish someone would have acknowledged that we waited way too long. I would still like to go back to have the fondue for dessert but probably won't get a full meal here because of what happened this time.

Caprice Skotte Sep 4th, 2020 Google