The Sandwich Shop Diner

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5 Star Review By Beyondprofanity

Similar to the diners of the 1950's. This music themed joint is awesome! With juke box like music playing. The food is amazing North American cuisine. Featuring surprisingly awesome choices on the menu. I'll let you come to the place yourself and see. Remodeled and better than ever. You can often find the owner inside making the food.

beyondprofanity Nov 16th, 2023 Google

5 Star Review By Codi “Bill Codi” Siegel

I take my sandwiches very seriously and so do the folks at The Sandwich Shop Diner, a cozy restaurant on the main drag in Collinsville, IL. This place is a real STL metro treat. The menu isn’t overwhelming. They have good, reliable, and fun burgers and sandwiches that all come with chips or french fries for a couple bucks extra. I highly recommend you take your family and friends for a great burger.

Codi “Bill Codi” Siegel Jan 27th, 2022 Google